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We are offering this ad space to qualified advertising partners. The web site gets a fair amount of traffic and when we ran classifieds software it was used by many visitors. If you are in the business of promoting marijuana products and or services this ad space can drive specified traffic to your current website. Unlimited impressions, SEO optimized landing page, 3, 6, 12 and 24 month contracts available.

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Plumbing Consultation provides plumbing help for the DIY homeowner, landlord or renter. Find out how to install a toilet, repair a shower valve or apply a commonly used pipe sealant like Teflon tape. We offer tutorials, tips, tricks and information about parts such as what they do, what they are for and which is best for your plumbing project.

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LEASE or BUY this DOMAIN The perfect domain name for any company who is in the marijuana industry and providing marijuana products or services. The domain could be used as a landing page to direct visitors to your main web site, or used to promote a brand, product or service.


The domain has two high valued keywords "Marijuana" and "Classifieds". Purchasing a domain name with premium keywords in the URL is a recommended SEO practice. No other keyword will be used more when searching for cannabis products


The Marijuana industry is a fast growing market for products and services. If someone is looking to buy recreational or medical cannabis through an Online source the two keywords "Marijuana" and "Classifieds" will be used in many searches


This domain has a current value depending on usage and configuration. Domains with valid keywords and a short length are hard to find. This domain will rise in value as demand for domains related to the marijuana trade emerge.

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Kit-sap Web Development is a full service digital asset design and development company.
Some of the services we provide are web site design, graphic art, company branding, domain sales and hosting solutions. We can complete projects for screen or print at a very reasonable price and on schedule. Show case your Business, Hobby or Organization with a web site today.


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